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The regional Polo Formativo for Tourism, made of Ticket and Turmed grouping, is a network of universities, companies, schools, research centers and training agencies specialized in cultural goods, culture and tourism. It represents a “knowledge community” in which the knowledge is shared not only to offer training opportunities but also to observe, transfer, disclose the tourism companies  and their spin off. Different subjects interact in synergy to create new knowledge, efficient practices and new work methods within an integrated system of actions, to assure congruence and effectiveness and also to realize an actual surplus value for the training offer.

In fact, the Polo Formativo for Tourism deals with: researches on tourism development dynamics as well as on the competences required by the tourism industry companies; the  hypothesis of configuration of the “training scene”, using European criteria, especially Mediterranean, with well-defined maps about the professional profiles skills; the identification of the most proper educational activities distribution system among workshop, courses, laboratories, FAD and e-learning modules, guided tours, outdoor training events, project working, and so on; work placement process, also temporary, by stage, training and work experience.

The Polo Formativo for Tourism is managed by a web technical-scientific committee (Comitato) that collects the Ticket and Turmed structure partnership representatives respectively coordinated by A.I.T.A., Associazione Italiana Tecnologia e Ambiente and Pmi Consulting Coop.